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The bizarre story of Orion, the masked man whose voice made people believe Elvis was still alive. [link]

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Easter- a day to remember when a lowly man was nailed to the cross for our sins

Arise again Sir Dominik of Diamond

qm 7:21, reply

Coca Cola TRUFAX

Coke owns the domain And And every one after that, up to 'a' followed by sixty-two 'h's.

Because sixty-three would just be silly.

bad_horsey 15:19, reply

George Alagiah has 1 problem

edmor 13:00, reply

Game of Thrones bitch - Nikolaj Coster Waldu (Jamie Lannister) is popular with everyone

always friendly to cast, crew and extras, cycling round the set, while everyone hates Natalie Dormer (Margaery Tyrell) as she's a right bitch.

deep_stoat 17:56, reply

Yes Natalie can be a little 'challenging'

to work with..When asked to approve a number of photos from a shoot, the response was that she didn't like any of them. Unfortunately someone *cough* (who was too pressed for time to organise a reshoot) had already sent them out..whoops! Still, she did run the marathon last weekend so genuine round of applause and all that.

intheissynoho 11:15, reply

Will this make the mailout?

Not cool anymore.

Went from 10,000 to 900,000 views last night

www.youtub ... r-0ulGgcHc

debord23 6:25, reply

Meanwhile, this 19 year old bell end obviously hopes to get a stack of free PR by making a film where lots of people get murdered

and calling it Hunger Ford. Oooh, the outrage, oh the tired, predictable cunts.

deep_stoat 10:25, reply


I hope he can hear Mike Ryan about this

mrsix 12:19, reply

900000, you say?

beefsharky 9:47, reply

It's all going on in Falmouth

deep_stoat 12:14, reply

does that mean you can 'unsee' it?

i whizzed it on to the end to see if it got shot or something, but it didn't. disappointing.

__________ 10:42, reply

thank you, I had not found this 'The Youtube' before.

do you have any other new edgy websites full of things you find hilarious? I'm sure we're all dying to know.

mrsix 7:59, reply

Well, if you want a cutting-edge website, according to the NYT this is it. 50,000 invisible people can't be wrong, after all...

plasticflamingo 8:27, reply

So Lily Allen's hideously named forthcoming album is dedicated to Amy Winehouse.

Is this the same Lily who revelled in bitching about Amy being a skaghead?

cerealrapist 16:59, reply

Duck Butter

There was a scene in the US remake of The Office where they all go back to a hotel room and the UV mood lighting shows up a number of stains on the bedsheets.

It turns out that some of those stains were genuine.

bad_horsey 9:15, reply

Someone just got fired from US Airways

qm 6:01, reply

Here's another cunt swallowing an airliner

humphrey_plugg 16:57, reply

(sorry, been in meetings)

spank_daley 16:33, reply


deep_stoat 16:43, reply

Cunts on a plane

deep_stoat 17:23, reply

"The plane was a cunt"

majicman 20:53, reply

Sometimes, just sometimes, it's a good thing

trellis 22:30, reply


__________ 11:26, reply

Seems I missed that episode of Mr Bean.

plasticflamingo 6:34, reply

Gash landing?

I'll get my coat

ghostofsavile 16:16, reply

So that's what happened to the Malaysian airliner.

I knew it.

deep_stoat 11:53, reply

*misses minky (unlike flight MH370)*

mrsix 11:59, reply

She didn't get past the check-in desk

deep_stoat 12:16, reply

has the fat mess on the left had half his arm sliced off?

possibly as a mid-flight snack for the other one.

__________ 13:52, reply

Yeah, I hate fat people too. Cunts. Turn them into jumbo soap.

isittheshoes 0:25, reply

It's probable. The other one has 'form'

qm 16:20, reply

That's what I call a cockpit.

pip_pop 8:39, reply

'Naked Yoga Takes Off'...

plasticflamingo 10:15, reply

7zark7 20:39, reply

deep_stoat 14:13, reply

Did you know that there's

"a community of contributors- numbering about 50,000- who gather on online message boards and in real life"? You hum it- and I'll play it

qm 16:30, reply

49000 lurkers

997 are hack daniels; you, me and spank.

deep_stoat 21:32, reply

*immediately complains*

mr_david 7:33, reply


"998 are hack daniels; you, me and spank"

mrsix 7:59, reply

Trying to shift a harpsichord on ebay but not getting any takers?

It's easy - Everything will sell better wit a blonde advertising it. Even if she does seem a little wooden.

deep_stoat 12:24, reply

His lawyer seems very obliging.

albert_steptoes_horse 15:23, reply

Welcome to Northampton

qm 16:37, reply

Same thing in Hastings but in print

dawnsyndrome 12:56, reply

When the Prosecutor.....

...actually brought up the rapper's criminal history (the real Fox headline), was he fuddle duddling with his whoops-a-daisy?

majicman 16:33, reply

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