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Gruesome twosome

Leee John & Sinitta, in the early 80s, in his brief pussy dabbling days.

cerealrapist 22:43, reply

are you sure?

i used to see him on television a lot in the early 80s and he looked like a right poof.

__________ 9:51, reply

Which game young male actor

Recently invited a FOF into the toilets for some coke but didn't mention beforehand that when they followed him into the cubicle he would be kit off demanding to be fucked?

manikman 17:07, reply

D*dley S*tton?

thatevilwoman 7:22, reply

Sir Henry Irving?

plasticflamingo 8:00, reply

Oh, I thought it said "gamey"

thatevilwoman 9:16, reply

NME to go free

It's officially official this time: "Now is the right time to invest in bringing NME to an even bigger community for our commercial partners". Good to know where the priorities lie!

creatif 9:48, reply

"While music will remain part of the brand, the magazine will also cover film, fashion, television, politics, gaming and technology"

So its basically turning into a shit version of Shortlist...? Or more likely, a London Lite without the pretence of any news coverage.

neville_bartos 12:12, reply


rogermoore 15:28, reply

I knew I'd never buy it again when

they added a chart for Ring Tones to the page with the charts on. About 1999. I think Gay Dad were on the cover that week.

sharon_tate_modern 14:03, reply

Can anyone remember which poster got this scoop first?

i.e. in 2006 or something...

popbitch 10:24, reply

think someone posted it here from vice fairly recently, someone's newsagent told them it was happening, will try and dredge it up...


Did Vice's shopkeeper say why

It's because people prefer Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran www.indepe ... 52156.html ... (49 words)

They will be launching the free edition of NME from autumn, with "more than 300K copies distributed nationally through doorways, skips, and bonfires."

Also about 7 years ago popbitch said

Yesterday we reported a rumour that the print version of the NME was to close. We have been assured by NME, and accept, that any such rumour is entirely false and there is no such plan in place or in contemplation. We apologise to the publishers of the NME for this inaccuracy.

so maybe a different story

pauly 11:06, reply

thats the one

popbitch 13:23, reply

The long game always pays off

*loiters at scaffolding near Maureen Lipman's house*

creatif 16:04, reply

Dom Joly still thinks its 1995...

Riding through Pavillion gardens in Brighton this morning across a packed field of people screaming "this is a cycle path" "I'm on a bicycle" Was close to getting twatted at one point. Cannot believe this fool is still doing this and thinks there is an audience for it.Absolute Cock

pigcity 9:05, reply

He was on the radio recently discussing

Amongst other things, a possible new version of that shit show, but said he was unable to divulge further. Maybe you saw a rehearsal for a HILARIOUS clip

shagpile_perm 10:41, reply

Stranger than fiction

Pleased to meet you Terminalnoob. Possibly a bit fruity for a hot Friday afternoon's messageboard but stay in touch. (-ED)

terminalnoob 19:19, reply

That's brave for a first post


roger_mycock 11:19, reply

Love the fact

That bribing someone in Rochdale consists of offering them a GBP25000 a year job. Does GBP1500 a month after tax really make someone an elligible batchelor up North?

soapy_handerton 11:48, reply

A Northerner responds:


humphrey_plugg 13:08, reply

*sells London mansion*

who am I kidding

*asks McDonalds area manager for a transfer up North*

soapy_handerton 16:58, reply

Hi Lord Janner

Nice to see you're feeling better!

thegingerprince 7:05, reply

Take The Strain

Phill Jupitus on the 1130 from Edinburgh to Kings X. He at least has the good manners to make his phonecalls in the vestibule end, so only those taking a dump have to hear about the unutterably tripe panel show he'll no doubt appear on soon.

drunken_boht 11:15, reply

He will probably login to Arf this post,

as you spelt his forename correctly. He's ^so^ catty about that.

fayekorgazm 13:38, reply

See also: (lest we forget)

sharon_tate_modern 14:06, reply


fayekorgazm 14:38, reply

new here, eh?

do you know what wendy james is up to these days?

__________ 20:49, reply

Wendy is from Ringmer

Famous for her, Jim Callaghan living there, and the epic firework factory fire of 96

soapy_handerton 17:11, reply

Is this about The Darkness?

mr_david 21:59, reply

Emily Davies

their short lived replacement drummer is the daughter of Phil Davies, the producer of Peppa Pig

clinton 10:49, reply

Ed was one of the last people to know he had been sacked.

He was kept in the dark, but not in the Darkness

shagpile_perm 8:46, reply

Beer Can

downtownmanagua 10:28, reply

And rumour has it that he was driving his white Fiat Uno in Paris on 31 August 1997.

plasticflamingo 7:49, reply

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