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Anyone heard from Omarion?

llanelliboy 2:34, reply

Storm in teacup

Tallia's mum Tessa Hartmann has spent the last 24 hours furiously promoting her nonentity daughter via the Daily Mail online

The posters are wise to her:

celtiagirl 17:25, reply

Her whole USP used to be 'she has big hair'

Then when her mum tried to hook her up with Johnny Depp last year (a mere three times her age) the image was changed to average 'plastered in makeup blonde' to make her look a bit like Amber Heard.

soapy_handerton 6:42, reply

The mother is horrific

and astonishingly narcissistic. Years ago she was trying to flog the idea of T-Babe, a variation of Ananova, but made in the image of Tessa-Babe. She's currently calling herself Doctor Hartmann, off the back of a minor university honorary doctorate for services to fashion that she basically paid for

celtiagirl 14:44, reply

Currently part of her Wikipedia entry...

She cannot sing but because her mommy has her own PR company she gets alot of publicity.

plasticflamingo 7:40, reply


car_snow_gin 11:28, reply

Ian Brady dead.

Tried to come up with something funny about him forming a Bunch in hell but couldn't, so I'll just go with good. About time.

roger_mycock 5:50, reply

whitemaninhammersmithpalais 15:11, reply

When Gerald entered the tent, he was surprised to find Walter hate-fucking a giant otter.

curlywurly 10:07, reply

Royals calling conference at 8am

Speculation that either Phil's popped his clogs, or Duck/Duchess of Kent. Any which way it's perfect timing to stick an oar in May's triumphalist "take no questions" campaigning style.

trellis 6:30, reply

Exactly one month after meeting Kylie. Surely no coincidence

strange_spiral 9:21, reply


deep_stoat 10:49, reply


"Screw this shit, I'm off to live on one ones sunny island dominions for a few years before I pop me clogs. Here's the keys Charlie boy, you wanted to be King. Well good luck with that over the next few years because you're going to fucking need it. Laters bitches,"

(mic drop.)

Something like that?

roger_mycock 6:55, reply

As a corpse, it has no civil or legal value apart from H&S consideration.

If I were David Icke I would kidnap it's reptilian body and use a sort of sonic screwdriver to expose how horrid the monarchy are.

Oooohhh Look.... exclusive pictures of some baby.

fayekorgazm 15:29, reply

They are just getting

The household together to sign waivers for the new E! reality show about the build-up to Harry's marriage - that's my guess.

soapy_handerton 8:45, reply

United Airlines have resorted to killing animals

Simon the rabbit was found dead as he was being flown to Chicago's O'Hare Airport

monkeyhat 9:43, reply

Can someone work up a pun headline based on this and the short-lived early-90's cartoon "Bucky O'Hare"? Have it on my desk by 9am latest.

Right, I'm off to the pub.

bubastis 9:31, reply

Sleb Spots.

Coming back from LAX spotted Martin Gore, Andy Fletcher and Film Director Stephen Frears, all in First Class.

dr_strangelove 16:37, reply

the mailout: Bananarama

How they got started in the business: they used to hang around outside the house were the Sex Pistols lived. Now and then a gesture would come from inside and they'd go in and shag the Sex Pistols. In return Steve Jones and Paul Cook helped them to get their first record deal.

Or, as the late, lamented Rev Goatboy put it: "they were on the Sex Pistols Fuck Tree".

uncle_whuppity 19:29, reply

Also in from our "whatever happened to" desk:

Samurai vampire tax expert Wesley Snipes getting some early buzz for this summer's alien attack film "The Recall." He plays a conspiracy-obsessed recluse mall ninja. Producers say he gave many helpful script notes on historic alien interactions with the US government.

aristocat 11:07, reply

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