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United Airlines have resorted to killing animals

Simon the rabbit was found dead as he was being flown to Chicago's O'Hare Airport

monkeyhat 9:43, reply

Not such Happy Days for Joanie

Erin Moran found dead in her trailer at a park in Indiana. After losing a court case against the producers of the show, she became an addict & basically ended up round the back of a 7/11 shouting at the bins.

roger_mycock 7:36, reply

Never really recovered from being

sent off in the 1985 Cup Final.

sausagesandplantsandgoldfish 7:06, reply

Probably corn but

Scott Baio on Howard Stern said that Joanie loves Chachi was a big accidental hit in Korea as Chachi means penis there.

soapy_handerton 16:23, reply


celtiagirl 9:40, reply

No Twitter Prince tribute from Kylie on the anniversary of his passing.

That's no way to commemorate the memory of them having shagged many years ago.

cerealrapist 16:00, reply

Christ if she had to tweet

In memory of every guy who banged her once, she wouldn't have time for all the botoxing

soapy_handerton 16:21, reply

at least she never shagged Simon Cowell

unlike her sister....

uncle_whuppity 19:15, reply

curlywurly 9:17, reply

Rolls Royce/no spark plugs

FD once was attributed to have said

stan2a10shun 12:33, reply

Fred Dinenage innit


jimmy_corkhill 21:10, reply

drunken_boht 21:08, reply

Frank Delaney?

humphrey_plugg 19:49, reply

philanderer 15:09, reply

Well, at least he's too busy to run for MP

Annesley Abercorn is on the scrounge again selling tickets for his 'Dream Ball' at Lancaster House for GBP250 a seat. The website gushes about how big a success last years event was... but fails to mention it raised GBP77k against costs of GBP81k

soapy_handerton 7:07, reply

The Mailout: Mel B's "thing" during threesomes with Stephen Belafonte

the technical term for this is "creampie eating", as distinct from "felching".

uncle_whuppity 17:47, reply

Also known as

'profiteroling', innit?

stan2a10shun 21:57, reply

Fucking hell.

*Pushes away dinner plate*

hack_daniels 21:18, reply

Lancaster House is a fantastic place to get pissed. That is all.

plasticflamingo 16:16, reply


Michael Portillo, outside the Taj Mahal - the one in Agra, not the one in Paddington - filming his Great Rail Journeys thing

whitemaninhammersmithpalais 12:13, reply

And oddly a real Ryan O'Neal, looking portly in sheffield

Peace gardens.

fayekorgazm 12:38, reply

The Kelvin sacking seems a step closer...

sec 19:22, reply

Just to prove we're still slightly on the medias radar

The Kelvin mailout story got a mention on Guido Fawkes site the other day. Not quite Madge name checking us from the stage but hey-ho.

But while I'm here, Kelvin is clearly still an utter bellend and seems to have a great deal of trouble getting his head around the idea that his original story on Hillsborough was total bollocks. The timing of his latest rantings seemed to be ideally timed to piss off both sides of Liverpool. How has he still got a job in any form of mainstream media?

roger_mycock 12:10, reply

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