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Popbitch at Royal Ascot

I was awaiting yesterday's email with tips "good gossip and the odd joke" and the clock kept ticking and the first race was fast approaching. I gave up and picked my own selection of horses, giving me 3 winners including the fabulous Bless Him, the 33/1 winner of the 5 o'clock. All in all a great day netting >GBP400 profit. So today, I am going for: 2:30 Natural 3:05 Sir John Lavery 15:40 Yalta 16:20 Precieuse For a stake of GBP30 ( GBP1 eachway lucky 15 could return GBP69,000) Oh and Spotted: Dom Joly looking very Un-jolly waiting for an Uber outside the Central School of Ballet.

whitemaninhammersmithpalais 8:55, reply

Sunday roast

Katy Perry in a Whitechapel pub for Sunday lunch in a kind of harlequin trouser suit and big hoop earrings. Her manager/chaperone is eating the Pork Belly roast, with bread sauce. ÂGBP16!!! Judging by what he left of his starter, he is not a fan of baby tomatoes.

*edit it was the Culpeper* no one deserves their lunch interrupted

drunken_boht 14:34, reply

Alt J did a signing for their new album the other week.

Total queue for their autograph - five.

Currently residing in the 'Where are they now?' file.

deep_stoat 23:13, reply

hack_daniels 9:23, reply

Here is a box, a musical box, wound up and ready to play.

But this box can hide a secret inside. Can you guess what is in it today?

humphrey_plugg 17:30, reply

A long time ago

At BBC TV Studios he'd sit in the reception, for no other reason but to relax, rather than quaffing playschool champers with Moira Stewart or whoever. One day, some aging headmistress was doing some interview or whatever. She was very nervous, but Brian did what most professionals did, ran to studio 5, and handed her Humpty, to hold.

fayekorgazm 19:14, reply

Brian Can't

mister_groping 17:35, reply

Love Island Harley

Was collected from Norwich train station after his departure and bragged he won't be returning to his labouring job or sticking round Attleborogh (oh the dizzy Norfolk heights) for much longer because now he's been on the show "I'm set up for life".

He claimed he didn't want to be fake by pretending to be interested in someone when he wasn't (even though he was in to amber until she ditched him for a short hairdresser) just for the sake of the show. And that he was given a vey expensive watch by a company following his departure but the Loce Island bosses insisted no gifts allowe, and if he didn't return it he would void his Island earnings.

I did not know how much dollar he received for his appearance

And of course he spouted of his love for Blazing Squad Marcel. Which is a shame because I bet he's forgotten all about Harley by now

shagpile_perm 19:28, reply

Cool story.

downtownmanagua 8:26, reply

The mailout from last week reminded me of Jimmy Carr being a joke thief.

Long notorious on the circuit for pilfering gags, usually from lesser known acts he happens to catch at comedy gigs, the unsuspecting victim is only made aware of this upon seeing him use their joke on TV or live, which then leads to them getting in touch with Jimmy or his agent. How does Jimmy respond? He simply sends them a cheque as means of "compensation". I wonder if he declares these payments as expenses...

cerealrapist 20:10, reply

I was once one of a a very large group of about 30 people at the Comedy Cafe to see a night compered by Carr, who was underwhelming, to say the least. He and the other comics on the bill seemed to have made some kind of a bet to pick on a young blind girl we had with us, an American girl who had been in the country all of 24 hours. We took it for a little while, but then it became vindictive so, one by one, we got up and walked past Jimmy Carr, who was standing by the reception desk pleading with us not to leave, and told him to fuck off.

Which was nice.

plasticflamingo 9:36, reply

I bet she didn't

See that coming

soapy_handerton 7:01, reply

re Mailout Alvin Stardust JR

Odd that Shaun Fenton should get a shoutout without a mention for his brother (and also Alvin Stardust Jr), Adam Fenton, AKA DnB/Hip Hopper, Adam F.

Both Adam and Sean are (rather sweetly) members of the "Alvin Stardust...... Memories" Facebook group

neville_bartos 15:12, reply

Cheers for the newsletter credit...

...much appreciated, as always

neville_bartos 22:19, reply

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