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Not now Cato

Bert Kwouk deaded

kerching 13:48, reply

A whole Friday and not otters?

This must mean the end of the world or something

catbox 12:55, reply

It's Thursday

deep_stoat 13:13, reply

It's Friday now so

trellis 15:34, reply

__________ 16:15, reply

In the dock for hitting Amber

basking_trout 12:10, reply

Pull my finger

deep_stoat 16:41, reply

pink_oboe 8:09, reply

Meanwhile it's all go in Seven Dials this afternoon.

Dominic West, looking very tall and a bit grumpy, followed five minutes later by Chris Morris, not looking grumpy. Maybe they'd been wanking off tramps in a paddling pool full of olive oil, who knows.

deep_stoat 14:36, reply

sharon_tate_modern 16:01, reply

I believe he also played David Pun.

deep_stoat 17:59, reply


trellis 17:55, reply


kerching 19:24, reply

Justin Lee Colins is BACK

Soon to release an album, featuring the forthcoming single 'Margarita Time'. The news was exclusively revealed in an icky bromance interview with Chris Moyles. Lots of "I love you, brother" etc. Justin sounded like he'd been doing balloons all day.

__________ 9:28, reply

"Good Toimes..."

pigcity 12:44, reply


philanderer 14:58, reply

...or channelling

mike_hunt 16:03, reply

__________ 16:32, reply

pigcity 16:43, reply

I miss Deal or no Deal

mike_lush 16:57, reply

Hiyah Michael.

Say hello to Mike Smith in heaven.

sharon_tate_modern 19:49, reply

Fuck, the reality is worse...

mike_lush 14:23, reply

I miss Minky.

sharon_tate_modern 13:44, reply


deep_stoat 14:36, reply

Will it be called Notes from a Pukka Pad ?

And is the single a cover of the shittest Status Quo song of all time

basking_trout 12:41, reply

With Moyles

Having well under 200k listeners, I suppose getting any sort of studio guest is a result. Did they discuss Collins recent dismissal from Fubar radio? I believe he's the first presenter ever to actually be sacked, the norm there seems to be that they give up and walk out.

soapy_handerton 17:45, reply


Fucking shouty bumpkin cunt

spank_daley 10:56, reply

You can never have too much pussy

roger_mycock 19:06, reply

Katy Brand seems to have given up being on TV. Hurrah.

She's now working in development at Merman. *pitches unfunny sketch show full of oxbridge twats pretending to be common*

deep_stoat 10:12, reply

She was on Radio 4 months ago

Something about her finding it tough in a male dominated business and wasn't fully appreciated, bla bla, wah WAH.

touchmyspastic 10:23, reply

Ethel died in 1984

mike_hunt 20:41, reply

"The British are coming!"

So the new Carry On film is being written by the woman responsible for BBC3 shitcom "two pints".

soapy_handerton 11:52, reply

Gotta be worth a tenner at 4/1.

humphrey_plugg 17:40, reply

In Private

Take your time and tell me why you lied

I realise that we've been found out this time

But not in Britain, at least...

strange_spiral 9:59, reply

Civic joyousness/showbiz for ugly folk

The sex triangle involving SNP MPs Angus MacNeil and Stewart Hosie, who both left their wives after serially shagging the journalist Serena Cowdy, could expand into an SNP sex Venn Diagram of intersecting lives. Which new SNP MP was such a keen frequenter of Edinburgh sex clubs that a stripper turned up at his place of work demanding the return of her knickers, which he had pocketed at the end of her routine? She was vexed because "they are expensive, I can't afford to just give them away." And which married SNP MP developed an enormous enthusiasm for Iceland, angling to become an ambassador to the country in the wake of independence so he could continue shagging two Icelandic women?

celtiagirl 10:10, reply

Here's what she looks like with two dogs.

fo_shizzle 6:14, reply


Went to Drama School with her. Apparently she once had a whirlwind weekend in a hotel with Inspector Rebus after seeing him in a play. I'll say this for her, she doesn't seem too picky. As long as they're scottish.

manikman 5:49, reply

Any beauty tips for a couple of middle aged shaggers

who recently shared a porridge pot?

celtiagirl 22:51, reply


They didn't snap her in half

basking_trout 11:39, reply

Almost makes me wish I was a ScotNat MP

Best get the spelling of her surname right - it's Cowdy. I suspect we may see or hear more of her, for better or worse...

philanderer 12:31, reply

Cowdy, nah, I preferred Bodie

Over here Lewis....Lewis....never mind

jimmy_corkhill 19:25, reply

__________ 10:32, reply

Big Brother beckons..

Can't see the attraction myself, must be like riding a bicycle over tram tracks.

roger_mycock 6:47, reply

She takes photographs as well

trellis 13:35, reply

I don't think that's her, I think it's a fox.

deep_stoat 13:43, reply

philanderer 16:50, reply

Never hit anyone.

stoneageromeo 12:17, reply

Uncle Beazley?

thatevilwoman 13:04, reply

Harvey said cunt on Loose Women

But I'm too much of a spazz to post a link

shagpile_perm 15:14, reply

I can only find a Facebook link you cunt www.facebo ... 3412147849

shagpile_perm 15:37, reply

*scatters crisps*

mr_david 17:11, reply

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