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Belated sleb spot

Fiona Phillips and Martin Frizell watching Billy Connolly stand very still in Hammersmith on Tuesday night.

flobbit 14:48, reply

Left your flamethrower at home then?

pink_oboe 15:33, reply

Earth, Wind and Pyre

Maurice White brown bread at 74.

car_snow_gin 0:40, reply

Pleb spot hijack

Jowly brummie and failed mobile disco magnate Gary from the Apprentice was on my tube this morning. From the shit suit, scruffy rucksack and coffee-on-the-go combination I'd venture a guess that he's back doing a shit sales job.

spank_daley 10:50, reply

same tailor huh?

car_snow_gin 21:19, reply

After The Life Has Gone.

mister_groping 7:48, reply

Earth, Wind and Dust ... s-35499149


curlywurly 0:36, reply

Bloody hell it's quiet

Which former Cabinet Minister chased his secretary round the office trying...and failing to cop off? He ran out of breath and apologised later. Whether that was for trying or failing who knows? Whenever his wife called the office and he was engaged elsewhere the standard answer was "he is at the House Mrs X". "Yes, but who's bloody house" she replied on one occasion. Understandable, as at the time he was enjoying some Cannoli courtesy of the sister of well known hotelier.

lanista 16:34, reply

that notorious heterosexual Ted Heath

thatevilwoman 8:15, reply

Eric Pickles.

humphrey_plugg 7:55, reply

"Yes, but whose bloody house she replied on one occasion".

__________ 21:42, reply

Which mailout featured singer

Is now not only having botox on her face but also 'down under' due to pelvic floor dysfunction? It happens to a lot of women your age love.

soapy_handerton 20:21, reply

Hardly surprising

Given the amount of time she spent with a Cannon up there

basking_trout 13:33, reply

Is it Duncan from Blue?

deep_stoat 10:13, reply

Superfan's number one resource

Companies House is where you'll find details of company directors, and company accounts. This includes sole trader types - which includes celebrities. Companies House info used to be quite pricey to access, but now it's available for free. It's a great way to see what famous people really earn, and compare it to the PR-fed headlines. Are all those hip young YouTubers really gazillionaires as it's so often claimed in the press? What's with all those seemingly dormant companies aligned to the really big earners? What on earth could they be for? Take a look yourself! ... -a-company

7zark7 21:30, reply

On The Fiddle

Owned by 90's crusties the Levellers by the looks of it...

beta.compa ... y/03532431

neville_bartos 14:10, reply

R Sole Trading

soapy_handerton 22:40, reply

SYCO Holdings Ltd

Annual return up to 8 Jan 2016: GBP9.248Million not bad for a company that is less than 6 months old!

whitemaninhammersmithpalais 11:32, reply

popdog ltd

__________ 12:47, reply

More like

deep_stoat 13:34, reply

Wanking for Bitcoins

powermaster 13:43, reply

I saw them supporting Atari Teenage Riot.

deep_stoat 14:32, reply

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