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Dead sheep

mandaliet 11:28, reply

Worst Up-The-Arse-Corner ever.

curlywurly 15:21, reply

Speaking of which,

I presume no-one's going to mention the Sainted Goatboy's tales of 'the unluckiest bloke in here' now that Leon Brittan is officially in the clear?

Quite a complicated way of getting people to stop wondering about a dossier you may have lost.

hack_daniels 8:47, reply

on the contrary

Given the Rev's anecdotes predate any TW involvement in this it may mean there's more to it than just the current round of shitflinging.

thebestnameshavegone 11:57, reply

Terry Waite?

He's got a pretty good alibi.

deep_stoat 13:20, reply

the guy from Minder?

thatevilwoman 19:06, reply

Up to a point, Lord Copper.

Paul Foot had already concluded it was all a fantasy, based on possible MI5 invention, back in 1984. Like I say, the water is so muddy now, anything he may actually have done will now probably never be proved.

hack_daniels 13:19, reply

This wouldn't happen to be the same Paul Foot...

...Who claimed A6 rapist/murderer James Hanratty had been fitted up, would it? He also trailblazed for the anti-vaxxer movement. A good investigative journalist in some ways, but a fucking idiot in others.

changeroftheways 19:22, reply

You're right. No-one's perfect.

Anyway, the smoke and mirrors seem to have made everyone forget about the Lowell Goddard enquiry and whatever it was we were all hoping SHE would turn up. It's dupes fooling dopes covering up for fools all the way, until who knows how many layers there are. And that is, I suppose, how it's done.

If, that is, there was anything to cover up in the first place...

hack_daniels 21:34, reply

Fuck off Sir Samuel

You reedy nonce-harbouring cunt

spank_daley 13:37, reply

Perhaps Leon Brittan was just pretending to

be a paedophile for a laugh, eh Spank?

hack_daniels 13:56, reply

Give him some fucking credit

spank_daley 14:08, reply

I thought Brittan's charges were thrown out because a lack of evidence?

In Scotland that could be a 'Not Proven' verdict, far from being cleared....

mrsix 9:25, reply

He isn't

humphrey_plugg 8:50, reply

Well, the circus has left town, anyway -

and they're never going to get Tom Watson to clear up the elephant shit.

hack_daniels 10:15, reply

Only one charge has been dropped for lack of evidence. The implication was that there were more. How true this is...

plasticflamingo 9:48, reply

I'm still waiting for that photo to do the rounds.

The one with Brittan naked but for a pinny with a young lad athwart his thighs.

humphrey_plugg 12:11, reply

+ 1 for athwart.

chablis 17:46, reply

^^^ i don't get it. what?

__________ 12:03, reply

i love rick rubin

toast_not_ghosts 14:07, reply

Sex tapes featuring celebrities generally

Get massive amounts of internet interest. I've seen next to nothing about Quaid's sex tape, so if you have a VERY strong stomach, have a look at his page.

soapy_handerton 17:06, reply

i don't get this either

__________ 13:09, reply

This nut-nut :

Speaking of nutjobs, my favourite is Margot Kidder, who went bat-shit crazy in the nineties, pulling out her teeth, cutting her hair off with a knife, stealing from a tramp and hiding in a garden bush for days, claiming giant spiders were stalking her. Reg is a lightweight, Margot - *Thats* quality.

fayekorgazm 13:52, reply

Reg (AKA actor Jeff Stewart) was into S&M

and went out with Joan Collins daughter Katy Kass. He took her to London bondage clubs, Joan was not best pleased and said he had "corrupted" Katy.

uncle_whuppity 19:03, reply

Homeland can fuck off

thatevilwoman 14:27, reply

Hi floor...

"nice to see see you..OOOF"

neville_bartos 11:21, reply

This could be a case

For Mulder, not Scully

soapy_handerton 17:35, reply

The profiles of this year's Apprentice contestants have been published... ... candidates

Among them is a 'social media entrepreneur' ... who has 119 followers on Twitter.

7zark7 10:34, reply

Her BRAND also includes wine

Sourced from boutique French vineyards.. 14 Followers so far This girl is a marketing phenom.

rogermoore 17:55, reply

'Fake cunts' Arf.

significant_otter 13:33, reply

Didn't Michael Jackson die though?

mike_hunt 9:03, reply

I'm disgusted by the blatant sexism on the boards these days.

I'm off to watch something more serious like that C4 news economics reporter with the enormous tits. You don't get insight like that from Robert Peston.

deep_stoat 9:10, reply

quite similar hair though

__________ 13:08, reply


the not quite accurate quote adds a real 'je ne sais quoi' to the overall shitness of your post

car_snow_gin 21:39, reply

Cheers, love

thatevilwoman 6:09, reply

Can I suggest

That Singapore_slag poster signs up to be a 'dating expert' on her new website They only have two so far, once of which is her. The other is her mate.

soapy_handerton 11:04, reply

*signs up*

And they're looking for interns. Bet that would be a busy job.

deep_stoat 11:11, reply

they could use a sub too...

Or maybe "Amazon best-selling author*" James Preece naturally speaks like Ali G?

"I am a very experienced Relationship expert and is a rising star having already helped thousands of men and women find love"

*although currently at #144 with just 6 reviews.

neville_bartos 13:08, reply

The number of twitter followers for him

Is 10,600 - which looks a damn lot like he invested $10 and bought a 10,000 follower package, doesn't it?

soapy_handerton 10:26, reply

quick skim of his followers list ...

shows that about 95% of them are other dating sites

neville_bartos 12:38, reply

Selina Waterman Smith

has a myspace account. Groovy. Seems to be advertising a semi-burlesque circus company

rogermoore 12:10, reply

Our Prayers have been answered*

(* If your prayer was where is Omarion?) He is appearing, tomorrow night, for one night only in....Canterbury!

whitemaninhammersmithpalais 13:10, reply

To be fair to the unnecessarily prayed for no-mark

he did have the decency to pull out of an appearance at shonky shithole DSTRKT after it turned away fat and dark skinned girls

spank_daley 13:22, reply

I don't blame him, would have been a complete waste of time.

What's the point going if the venue refuse to admit the only women he can get off with?

mrsix 15:20, reply

*thanks Jesus for his continued safety*

mrsix 13:14, reply

Can there be some kind of special PB award for him...

in recognition of his stunningly titled new album, "Sex Playlist" ?

As i'm sure many have sighed in the past; Oh, Marion...

neville_bartos 13:14, reply

Make him a PB untouchable in QOTD NOW...

mike_hunt 22:18, reply

Krept and Konan - their hip hop album now nominated four times at the MOBOs

are very nice young men, perhaps a little too nice. When they were in the studio they didn't want to go down the road to the cornershop because they thought the area looked a bit dodgy.

deep_stoat 14:28, reply

re Jo from S Club in the mailout

The username 'lennyboy831' that she's flogging her stuff on isn't all that surprising, seeing that her boy is called...Lenny, born in 2008, when she was 31.

neville_bartos 13:32, reply

What do you think the chances are that

She chose that name as a tribute to Lenny Henry?

soapy_handerton 19:08, reply

As high as

anyone buying something from New Look based on the unhappy, unwell look of those advertising their products.

mike_hunt 0:12, reply

total Digby

thatevilwoman 14:26, reply

do NOT post that fucking picture, stoat

spank_daley 15:02, reply

pigcity 15:38, reply

thatevilwoman 15:45, reply

trellis 16:58, reply

Teabag Tits Tori?

thatevilwoman 17:50, reply

(Or) Teacup Tits Tess?

philanderer 13:14, reply

rogermoore 8:49, reply


Wasn't me.

deep_stoat 15:42, reply

You're both cunts

spank_daley 16:11, reply

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