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Pete Bearns RIP

Massive cardiac arrest. Maybe bollocks? (DON'T post that picture spank) Lady PB's landline might be safe

trellis 17:34, reply

bunbuns sees bonbons

I just had a flashback to a pretty old online pic of Pete performing at GAY with his tackle dangling out from under his skirt - I say flashback - because I saw them. They glistened in the camp light a foot away from me. Miss him already.

silkybunbuns 20:20, reply

His heart went bang?

mikepratt 17:42, reply

mrsix 17:36, reply

Spinning right round (in his grave).

Or something.

deep_stoat 17:53, reply

Going from Pete to Peat.

mister_groping 11:20, reply

In Too Deep

About six feet...

cardboard_hands 17:59, reply

Dead not Alive

philanderer 19:21, reply


humphrey_plugg 19:33, reply

Finally, some GREAT news

BBConline are speculating that Coldplay may never release an album again

soapy_handerton 10:35, reply

Footballer + social media team = morons

deep_stoat 14:30, reply

Now known as a Corbynism.

plasticflamingo 15:38, reply

the're not being deaded in order....

Colin Baker, hospitalised :-(

fayekorgazm 15:35, reply

Any update?

blessed_brian 8:13, reply

Current status :

William hartnell version : deaded

Pat Troughton version : dead via fan Fuck

Jon Pertwee version : deader

Tom Baker version: amazingly after such a big op, flouncing around, gin boozing and still in town.

Peter Davison version: podgy, still has a wandering time lady eye

Colin Baker version: alive. Back home. No more fatty foods for him.

Sylvester McCoy version: alive, sustained through booze.

fayekorgazm 16:54, reply

I can't wait to see what he turns in to.

deep_stoat 9:32, reply

A vague national memory and a halloween costume, most likely.

curlywurly 9:26, reply

Nurse's putting it in now, Dr.

pink_oboe 8:16, reply

More Danczuk content coming soon...

Spanky Spunky Si has been sending videos of him pleasuring himself to ex girlfriends, despite requests from them not to. The Sun is interested.

See his happy face at [url]

(sorry, dunno how to put it into thread here)

tobythespank 14:20, reply

He looks like he's just

run his zip through his banjo-string

stan2a10shun 22:40, reply

otter world

benchpeg.c ... commission

shagpile_perm 10:50, reply

"There is no cost to you for receiving the Otter."

curlywurly 16:48, reply

*to confirm- please use otter fingerprint scanner*

trellis 15:53, reply

andym 9:17, reply

That's one giant fuck off Hula Hoop.

roger_mycock 18:42, reply

It's Adele's

Wedding ring

soapy_handerton 7:06, reply

Or Katona's "ring"

trellis 11:18, reply

Sleb spot

Peter Crouch on Oxford St yesterday, he was looking for a cash machine and gave me a lovely smile and thumbs up as I sent him in the wrong direction.

albert_steptoes_horse 12:03, reply

Damien Hirst at Goldsmiths Fair two weeks ago

wandering around with a notebook, very unassuming. Unlike Stephen bloody Webster who flounced in then waited for everyone to ply him with free champagne

shagpile_perm 10:51, reply

Now Show survivor Hugh Dennis wandering around London Wall looking at his phone, with his sweater tucked into his trousers. He is not a stylish man.

drunken_boht 14:25, reply

I'd be guessing he was on his way to audition for a Haircut 100 tribute band.

Or was it The Teardrop Explodes? The '80s are just a blur now.

roger_mycock 21:50, reply

Michelle Yeoh, this afternoon at my doctor's office. Left without a prescription, so I assume she'e either pregnant or terminal. Wearing a very attractive Avivi Wang top, jeans and flats. Is tinier than tiny and looks closer to 34 than 54. Would.

aristocat 13:49, reply

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