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That email story about Patrick Moore

...seems unlikely. Especially for a young lady. Not young enough or boy-like enough I'd have thought

lovelight 15:52, reply

Given the clues

would Sir Patrick not have been splitting hairs?

roger_mycock 22:32, reply

Bad News for Fans of Crap School Plays

Perennial musical/paedo favourite Bugsy Malone left director Alan Parker with a large number of child-sized costumes at the end of production. Not sure what to do with the piles of garb, he paid Pinewood Studios to put them in storage. Alas, several years later, he checked on his memorabilia and discovered to his horror that many of the costumes had been gnawed at by rats, ruining them (and presumably many a childhood/sex case memory) beyond repair. Pinewood Studios, meanwhile, refused to accept liability - and kept charging him for storage regardless.

changeroftheways 14:13, reply

Magnum's Ferrari up for sale

Here the 1984 Ferrari 308 GTS QUATTROVALVOLE driven by Tom Selleck.

pauly 10:27, reply

$200000? No chance

Not when a good low mileage 308 is going for close to that without the history. Its not like a Dukes Of Hazzard Charger or a Knightrider Trans Am which they destroyed loads of doing stunts and its certainly not a Ferris California or a Miami Vice Daytona which were replicas. Someone will carried away in the auction hall and that will go for stupid money.

Ooops, sorry wrong forum, I'll fuck off back to Pistonheads.

roger_mycock 11:55, reply

I got that from here

newatlas.c ... ion/47387/ it mentions somewhere there are some nice low starting prices. That site also has an actual hoverbike newatlas.c ... ght/47446/

In other website news, I remember an old qotd "what do you not leave the house without" (maybe I even wrote it) and found this website - fascinating but I kind of hope it is a honeytrap, rounding up the details of all the people who carry multiple concealed knives around with them.

pauly 17:05, reply

Otter hotter than you

shagpile_perm 9:19, reply

Someone'll be slicking up their quiff

bubastis 10:11, reply

Celebrity snapper Lord Snowdon kicks the bucket

formerly married to Princess Margaret, not a happy marriage, it ended in divorce. The closet queen used to introduce her to guests by saying "Have you met the Chief Sea Scout?"

uncle_whuppity 3:31, reply

Anyone got Top Gear Dog in the deadpool?

Has stuck its head out its last Land Rover window. Probably died of shame after watching this weeks deadful The Grand Tour. And as its owner used to present Total Wipeout that's saying something.

roger_mycock 14:54, reply

re: mailout tATu

'Neposedi' is Russian for 'rolling stones'

uvavu 15:36, reply

like fuck it is, Chris

onthehushhush 20:33, reply

"What was he doing in the fucking box?"

bodneyrewes 13:34, reply

'I'm a metre, I'm a metre'


car_snow_gin 13:58, reply

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