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Own up, who did this?

[url] ... e-36173247

mike_hunt 23:34, reply

So Charles Moore has a sense of humour?

Well, sort of. A short rather bitchy piece by Mr Moore in the Spectator about a (Canadian) national treasure. Sorry, no linky for obv reasons.

lanista 8:58, reply

What's blue and white all over and sings Cuban music?

Gloria Leicesterfan.

roger_mycock 13:12, reply

What's blue and white all over and has fucking great big teeth?

Leicester Rantzen

__________ 16:26, reply

...and for the GCSE chemistry students:

What do you get if you react a carboxylic acid with alcohol (pref blue WKD alcohol, curacao blue) in the presence of a white dehydrating agent in France: Lesterifcation

mike_hunt 9:17, reply

What's red and vindicated all over?

Liverpool FC supporters after the Hillsborough verdicts. Can we never take the p*** out of the bin-dippers again?

philanderer 17:12, reply

Of course we can, they're still cunts.

deep_stoat 17:46, reply

How will they cope?

I mean, feeling victimised but justifiably for once? Perhaps they'll live and let live, let bygones be bygones?

humphrey_plugg 20:03, reply

First they came for the ponies, and I said nothing

then they came for the kittens.

*hides marker pen*

deep_stoat 15:27, reply

50 Cent

The ultimate humiliation

pink_oboe 8:16, reply

Chris Moyles is looking well.

deep_stoat 16:01, reply

If you tolerate this

then your kids will shop at Next

basking_trout 15:55, reply


thequeenisdeadboys 19:04, reply

Billy Paul(bearer) dead.

mister_groping 8:16, reply

Well if he really did go to that small cafe,

everyday, that will be a big hole in their takings.

roger_mycock 10:18, reply

Me & Mrs Bones

sausagesandplantsandgoldfish 17:26, reply

...I got a stink going on

We both know there's a pong

But it's much too strong to let it cool down now

mike_hunt 21:22, reply

*fires up Logic*

Looks like we gotta remix ...

stan2a10shun 22:01, reply

Prince! Dead!

onthehushhush 16:53, reply

sharon_tate_modern 9:57, reply

1. It's 2016

2. I think that's actually Adam Ant.

__________ 11:12, reply


(Whoosh is the sound a joke might make as it whizzes over your head, if the joke were an actual physical object, and its rapid transit just beyond your grasp wasn't just a metaphor).

sharon_tate_modern 15:46, reply

Whoosh yourself, you witless spastic

__________ 17:38, reply


onthehushhush 23:17, reply

and now Shakespeare too!!!!

where will it all end????

uncle_whuppity 21:48, reply


__________ 11:43, reply

I think you'll find the theme this year is "beloved" and "before their time"

bubastis 6:52, reply

The march to end Gest's tour continues

Billy Paul dead

soapy_handerton 7:23, reply

Negativland founder Richard Lyons

also dead yesterday at age 57.

He's with Snuggles now...

Diddly shit.

mrsix 7:11, reply

In 2010, no-one died.

In 2011, no-one died.

In 2012, no-one died.

In 2013, no-one died.

In 2014, no-one died.

In 2015, no-one died.

In 2016, everyone died.

mr_david 21:03, reply

I wish you'd die.

downtownmanagua 2:36, reply


mr_david 9:48, reply

Haha - nicking this

onthehushhush 22:30, reply

His name is Prince

and he is funky

john_lewis_partnership 20:00, reply

Starting to smell funky, anyway.

kitkat 10:11, reply

To be fair

57 is probably a fair old age for an ethnic guy living in a Park in Paisley since the 80's

mrsix 19:58, reply


Perhaps they should bury him in a catering size Heinz beans tin then.

soapy_handerton 5:03, reply

So today we've lost Guy Hamilton, Chyna and Prince.

I can't imagine what kind of movie God is planning to make...

humphrey_plugg 17:50, reply

You hum it, I'll play it.

humphrey_plugg 20:01, reply

A gangbang Bond as shit as Purple Rain.

hack_daniels 17:56, reply

All the media saying "flu"

But they all mean AIDS.

richjohnston 17:28, reply

And not Good Aids either

onthehushhush 17:30, reply

Big disease

with a little name.

stan2a10shun 21:12, reply

the former artist formerly known as prince

car_snow_gin 17:24, reply

When Coves Die.

humphrey_plugg 17:21, reply

My grandma's alsation?

She never said.

briankilb 17:21, reply

Must we keep dumbing down Shakespeare?

deep_stoat 17:09, reply

The artist formerly alive

silencer 17:08, reply

Raspberry Burial

mister_groping 17:07, reply

Prince is dead, long live the Queen.

curlywurly 17:06, reply

The Death Cascade continues

Fucking. Hell

trellis 16:55, reply

2016 can fuck right off.

Bollocks. Bollocks! Bollocks!! BOLLOCKS! BOLLOCKS!!

plasticflamingo 17:18, reply

Apparently the BBC

have done twice the number of obituaries as they would normally expect at this time of year.

roger_mycock 20:28, reply

Nothing compared to him.

Bowie and now this, fuck me. Can we just jump to December and get this year over with?

roger_mycock 19:17, reply

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