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Re spawn of Clarkcunt in the mailout...

The little troll inexplicably took over her father's column in the Sunday Times for a day a while back. The highlight was her 'writing' drearily about a parking dispute. This was pre the return of Rebekah. So who else does the oversized cotton bud have in his pocket?

lanista 9:09, reply

Donald trump jnr may be tough on twitter arguing with Sadiq Khan but it hasn't always been so.

BITD he was in Oxford and decided he wanted to go to the Zodiac club (a large gig / nightclub venue that was run a bit like a pirate ship). He sent people to check he could come in and then sent more people to sweep the venue and then finally turned up himself, wearing lime green shoes for some reason and surrounded by security. He headed straight for what passed as the VIP section but was so terrified of the people in there, despite being surrounded by security, and the general debauchery he turned round and walked straight out. Sad.

Contrast this to Chelsea Clinton who used to go to the Disque Vogue night at the club and happily dance the night away. You could always tell where abouts on the dancefloor she was due to the two large security men who would be stood motionless on either side of her.

deep_stoat 10:02, reply

Re: the mailout & Vince Cable

Most Glasgow Uni students pay precisely fuck all for tuition fees, because Scotland.

kitkat 15:37, reply

As if today's news couldn't get any darker

The Towers of London are recording a new album in LA.

I blame Brexit.

deep_stoat 22:43, reply

Gary Lineker, lemon muffin thief.

This just happened less than an hour ago. We were in Starbucks in Barnes, my eight-year-old daughter had her lemon muffin and was looking out of the window. Gary Lineker and his plus one were in there, sorting out their bags, used the table she was sitting at to do so, and left - taking her lemon muffin with them! I will be accepting all media interviews.

richjohnston 17:27, reply

Give her a few more years

And he won't just be pinching her muffin

fayekorgazm 19:09, reply

He has form for this sort of thing

BITD on here, you could barely go longer than a week without someone posting a story about Lineker grabbing someone's muffin.

humphrey_plugg 11:43, reply


He might be our lefty refugee-supporting tweeter of hearts now, but a lady friend who worked with him on a few telly projects in the early 2000s said he was easily the sleaziest man she'd ever worked with.

fo_shizzle 20:07, reply

That reminds me...

FOF a few years ago found herself staying at the same hotel as the players of a charity cricket competition with various sportsmen playing. The first night she slept with Brian Lara and the next Gary Lineker. So it seems sloppy muffins are acceptable too.

sec 14:01, reply

Didn't he and the Capt of the England Rugby team

Share the Muffin of our Hearts(TM) once?

whitemaninhammersmithpalais 12:05, reply

In other shagging news

FOF says that the amount of cast/crew copulation when filming the new Snatch tv series in Manchester reminded him of working on Hollyoaks "in the peak Danan years"

soapy_handerton 20:04, reply

Chuck Buried

sausagesandplantsandgoldfish 8:54, reply

When Chuck Berry toured the UK in 1972

he refused to pay for a backing band. Instead he hired local musicians at every venue and paid them peanuts. He insisted on being paid before every gig in cash.

A British journalist interviewed at his home in the '90s. He arrived to find two TVs on simultaneously, one showing regular TV and the other showing women mud wrestling, in front of them was Chuck's 90 year old Dad eating grits.

uncle_whuppity 17:16, reply

No Particular Place To Go


stan2a10shun 16:50, reply


recording insitu pissing

spank_daley 13:15, reply

Roll Over Deathoven

Turns out he's being cremated instead

sausagesandplantsandgoldfish 15:19, reply

Going out as a blast of hot gas - strangely appropriate. Maybe they'll blow it into a hooker's face, it's what he would have wanted.

curlywurly 12:16, reply

Only if the hooker was underage...

philanderer 17:02, reply

And it was being filmed.

And the order of service mentions that the hooker was white an excessive amount of times.

bubastis 10:20, reply

Johnny B. Deade

humphrey_plugg 10:43, reply

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