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Mick Jagger, dead at 73.

Wait, Dad at 73. As you were.

curlywurly 17:58, reply

Tom Baker update...

He's not putting much things in now, but doing fine. He's written his eulogy, and of course his gravestone was carved decades ago. He's quite annoyed he never made it into Coronation Street.

fayekorgazm 16:42, reply

Harry Grouted

jeff_lynne 16:42, reply

Not stirring

sausagesandplantsandgoldfish 16:53, reply

Joe Corre in the mailout

It was in recent interviews that he sold the bulk of his collection to start up Agent Provocateur, then once they sold the company, he then bought the bulk back & probably more of the collection.

barry 15:35, reply

Is no rat

Is corpse.

Andrew Sachs deaded. The Reaper is clearly warming up to finish the year with a bang.

roger_mycock 22:39, reply

Empty Sachs for Christmas

On a slight tangent, but on a business trip to Oslo a few years ago I accidentally stole John Cleese's allocated breakfast table.

bodneyrewes 8:28, reply

as long as it wasn't Bryan Harvey's

petsco 14:24, reply

Where is Russell Brand?

hack_daniels 7:40, reply

Keep saying his name

and the dickhead will reappear. Shhhh.

stan2a10shun 10:18, reply

Not Manuel any more

More man terminally unwell

opus 23:47, reply

Fawlty Ticker

sausagesandplantsandgoldfish 9:28, reply

He's just pining

spank_daley 17:22, reply

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