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Spotted, on the tube at Notting Hill, man of the people Michael Gove.

Off to see the Chelsea match, even though he's a QPR fan. No one punched him in the face, probably because he was with his young son.

deep_stoat 11:22, reply

And I thought he was Tottenham in disguise.

blessed_brian 11:28, reply

I saw Geoff Hoon on the Bakerloo line a while back...

... he is a definite would. Big, strong looking man in the flesh, with a cavernous chin dimple.

7zark7 20:22, reply

Milton Jones on the northern line, he was carrying a large bag full of surreal jokes, body parts, money, or a combination of all three, or not. Seemed a nice chap though.

albert_steptoes_horse 12:10, reply

Showed you his ticket when requested then?

deep_stoat 12:58, reply

Showed a ticket? Are you one of the railway children? They've got electric trains these days and cuntless ticketing or something, suppose it's all gold plated helicopters where you live.

albert_steptoes_horse 15:02, reply

Jungle douche and X factor worker Brian Freedman

Was the choreographer and dancer in Windowlicker

soapy_handerton 16:32, reply

Praise be to Alan

lennie 16:45, reply

Hmmm... many people go to Mali on their holidays?

You wouldn't be mixing it up with Bali, now, would you?

hack_daniels 11:04, reply

Are you saying Damon Albarn

Actually intended to record 'Bali Music'? That would make a lot of sense, as much of his career seems like a rip off of Kecak

"Also known as the Ramayana Monkey Chant, the piece, performed by a circle of at least 150 performers wearing checked cloth around their waists, percussively chanting "cak" and moving their hands and arms"

soapy_handerton 15:18, reply

That's spooky

Every time I've listened to anything Damon's done in the last ten years, I've found myself percussively chanting cak too.

john_lewis_partnership 16:37, reply

Just the last 'ten years'?

stan2a10shun 12:31, reply

Darren Day is back in the studio recording a new solo album.

Perhaps we could suggest some songs for him?

plasticflamingo 12:27, reply


he couldn't make it much worse, could he?

__________ 10:25, reply

Cleanin Out my Closet by Eminem?

basking_trout 9:32, reply

deep_stoat 15:20, reply

Spotted in the upstairs bar

of the Hammy Odeon last night where Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse were painfully unfunny was Mathew Horne wearing a black beany hat with blingy earrings poking out underneath it. IDNSHCorden

flobbit 10:57, reply

Nice to see Caitlin Moran

is using her patented "mouth open, waiting for cock in shock" face on the front of The Times Star Wars special today. She wants to be a wookie by all accounts. Good for her.

roger_mycock 11:28, reply

According to How to Be A Woman, she already is 'down there'

basking_trout 9:33, reply

"waiting for cock"


pauly 13:29, reply

fayekorgazm 11:39, reply

re pb:

caitlin moran outs herself on adam buxton's podcast.

__________ 16:46, reply

That is weirdly hypnotic

I feel like Mowgli in front of Kaa.

mongus_maximus 15:43, reply

I love Toecutter

thatevilwoman 14:58, reply

I love the B52s

mike_hunt 21:32, reply

Hammy Odeon

was one of the original Hitchcock Blondes, along with Googie Withers

thatevilwoman 10:16, reply

Googie was very glamorous

dawnsyndrome 10:29, reply


dawnsyndrome 9:25, reply

Hurrah. You're back

*rustles up 22 bum salute*

rogermoore 8:58, reply

"hammy odeon"

so, what's new with the quo army?

__________ 15:13, reply

Not a fourth chord I'd imagine.

deep_stoat 19:15, reply


you were so much more fun back in your "boywonder" days...

oops could have been an outing so far worse hey.

greatly exaggerated reports and all that.

hack_daniels 2:47, reply

deep_stoat 9:52, reply

Take two bottles into the shower?


plasticflamingo 8:45, reply

From the famous 'crashed' sessions.

plasticflamingo 8:51, reply

Is Terry Wogan a deadpool contendor now?

He's having an operation up the back or something

pink_oboe 15:52, reply

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