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NSFW what Omlette from Lee Nelson did next

xhamster.c ... _cock.html

turns out there is something more humiliating than being on The Lee Nelson show

barry 20:29, reply

"what a waste of time, no cumshot, and only few closeups"

one man's complaint is another's blessing.

__________ 10:29, reply

Money shot =

- small change

majicman 13:57, reply

6 months ago 'small cock - great show'


gordonsalive 16:57, reply

Is this about Clarks*n?

webmong 23:41, reply

Clarrkson gone from the BBC

Contract not renewed. Paul semen Staines "gutted".

rogermoore 14:02, reply

Music needs another

Nick Kamen, this goon seems to fit the bill.

soapy_handerton 17:33, reply

Ch-ch-ch-chucked out

mrsix 14:17, reply

Gay unemployed cunt

deep_stoat 0:06, reply

...and on that bombshell..

majicman 5:30, reply

It's worth considering his earlier work

pink_oboe 14:31, reply

deep_stoat 15:36, reply

__________ 23:22, reply

thatevilwoman 21:52, reply

deep_stoat 23:04, reply

The Sun's racing tipster

and nobodies favourite Radio Clyde sports turnip has been shopped (by a colleague?) for allegedly driving after a few too many. Sorry Jim, we'll have to leave your call there...

drunken_boht 16:36, reply

Lil' Chris

Checking ited out

neville_bartos 15:26, reply

Ch-ch-ch-checked out

7zark7 15:26, reply

It must be difficult

To go from young, short-lived fame to struggling to know whether to keep on trying for a career in entertainment. I just hope Paul Danan sees this as some sort of sign.

soapy_handerton 20:09, reply

we don't know if it was suicide;

it could've been an infection from those shitty ear hoops*

*edit - 'flesh tunnels'

thatevilwoman 20:55, reply

did he forget he was not a real doctor?

Neil Fox has been charged with nine sex offences involving six people, of whom three were children

that makes it sound like a maths puzzle, "if dr fox commits nine offences against six people in five years, how long would it take him to commit fifteen sex offences on nine people?"

pauly 16:07, reply

Checkin' Out. Lil' Chris deaded.

scat_man 14:39, reply

But not done for GBH or ABH.

I wonder how his former partner feels about that.

stoneageromeo 17:27, reply

"What does the fox say?"

"This is our little secret", apparently.

deep_stoat 17:17, reply

Sounds like paedo Countdown

Three from the top row, please Rachel, and three from the bottom row. Twice.

spank_daley 17:13, reply

he may be a "shrub rocketeer"

thatevilwoman 16:38, reply

"Dusky blonde lulu"

mandaliet 19:04, reply

*Candy Apple Grey on IJ*

hack_daniels 0:08, reply

*Candy Crush Saga on FB*

spank_daley 13:02, reply

I'm certain he'll get off though...i've seen the defence strategy

It involves a mesmerising 2 hour megamix of ...

neville_bartos 16:29, reply

To be fair to Heather

She sold up in 2013 and opened a new place on East Street in Brighton and is a director at the stockists for her restaurant.

Mind you after her divorce she pledged to give a "large portion" of her 24.3 million pound divorce settlement to Adopt-A-Minefield but the charity doesn't seem to have received anything (The charity itself shut down in 2009- the website has been jacked by a Japanese clothing firm). So I suppose she had to blow the money on something. There's only so many shoe she can buy.

rogermoore 22:32, reply

*dusts of log in for a sleb spot*

Wayne and Coleen Rooney, last night won the pub quiz in the Botanist, Wilmslow. The donated the prize of a bottle of Prosecco to the runners up. And apparently won due to NAILING the word search...

minky_chunky 15:29, reply

Stephen Tappin, the artist behind John Lewis' cosy The Bear & The Hare Xmas advert...

...First cut his teeth as an artist in the 80s at Games Workshop, where he focused on such family fare as demons, mutants, gore-splattered battles, killer aliens and a large breasted, gun-toting cybernun.

Lily Allen was not involved.

changeroftheways 12:52, reply

RIP Mrs Hatch

Jackie Trent, songwriter to: Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Jack Jones, Nancy Wilson, Des O'Connor, Val Doonican and, Petula Clark and wife to Tony Hatch, deaded aged 74.

She once said; "As a 15year old I arrived in London...Some of the London underworld became my fans and watched over my safety; the Krays would sometimes escort me to the clubs and theatres where I worked, showering me with teddybears..." Don't think that is an euphemism.

whitemaninhammersmithpalais 13:59, reply

Things fell apart

RIP Chinua Achebe www.nytime ... at-82.html

pink_oboe 14:54, reply


dawnsyndrome 15:20, reply

thatevilwoman 15:48, reply

mike_hunt 20:36, reply

philanderer 10:55, reply

thatevilwoman 11:18, reply

whitemaninhammersmithpalais 19:43, reply

rogermoore 13:20, reply

what a character

thatevilwoman 13:23, reply

Colin Baker was the very WORST Dr Who

rogermoore 13:36, reply

But he did have Peri for a companion

and there were two very good reasons why she was the best companion evah.

roger_mycock 20:14, reply

He certainly did have Peri.

Them doctor who convention circuits in the late 90s were a hoot

fayekorgazm 17:39, reply

Is that the shoe bomber?

spank_daley 17:20, reply

Dr Fox

charged, man arrested for Lawrence murder. Good day to bury bad news

rogermoore 15:04, reply

He's not gonna make it

Consider my conspiracy theory reset: Twisted Sister's drummer AJ Pero dead at 55. The next batch of 66 year olds includes: Lulu, Grace Jones, Stevie Nicks, Leo Sayer, Chris De Burgh and Robert Plant *prays for Lulu to die* *yes even over De Burgh*

soapy_handerton 20:16, reply

maddie is 11

__________ 23:06, reply

Dunno- but I hope his fashion sense has improved

rogermoore 13:16, reply

I HATE Air. Gallic cunts

thatevilwoman 13:17, reply

The closing credits seem apt.

Must be one of the few television series to be named after a lyric in the theme song. R.I.P, Jackie.

philanderer 19:38, reply

It's always nice when Folkestone's in the national news

So following this ukip expenses debacle today, I think the owner of the restaurant in question was just on radio 4 saying he didn't have a problem with providing an iffy invoice, until he realised it would be taxpayers footing the bill. Seems an odd thing to say on the record, did I mishear?

Maybe it was clever. Can I take this opportunity to promote my new business venture? Paul's Taxis "We always give blank receipts"

Also, someone with Eastenders connections comes to Folkestone and opens a pub, sounds familiar... Except this was a different guy, different bar, and this story has a grim ending. His pub - The Providence Inn, Sandgate - is now closed.

pauly 13:32, reply

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