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Hearing that David Cameron

considers himself to be part of the Queen's circle, what with his family owning a fair chunk of Scotland

Queen however, not interested in bonding over land ownership with an over-familiar, overfriendly Cameron

celtiagirl 0:48, reply

he is a fifth cousin once removed of the Queen

a descendant of King William IV and a mistress of his illegitimate child, not exactly kith and kin is he? I can remember in the in the 1991 Tory leadership election Douglas Hurd having to play down his posh, old Etonian background, which was seen as a hindrance by saying he was "the son of a farmer". Good to see we have moved on to more egalitarian times isn't it?

uncle_whuppity 6:45, reply

1996 - men dress like Liam, women like Mel Blatt and everyone pretends they're from Manchester.

2015 - men wear red trousers, women dress like Kirstie Allsop and everyone pretends they went to Eton.

I predict a full return to a feudal society by 2026.

deep_stoat 11:04, reply

Most of East Anglia is already a feudal society.

When I say 'already' I do, of course, mean 'still'

qm 12:04, reply

Cameron showed up in Redruth, Cornwall today. I work in Redruth. He arrived by helicopter and landed on the Redruth Rugby Club pitch. He is a cock. that is all.

dynkydyke 20:46, reply

Every offence intended. He is a brussel sprout sized cock, with stringy pubes.

dynkydyke 19:30, reply

Evidence in Roy's trial touched on his have a 'particularly blue penis', apparently. Blue?! BLUE?!

plasticflamingo 11:03, reply

Blue cock= Tight fisted wanker

whats_the_beef_chief 12:01, reply

Bring back TVAM

I miss Rusty Lee and Russell Grant.

mrsix 15:36, reply

I've spent ages trying to work out who he looks like in that photo so I can post an 'amusing' lookalike

And then I realised it's my next door neighbour's boyfriend.

I don't have any photos of him.

deep_stoat 15:38, reply


Of course you dont...

soapy_handerton 22:58, reply

They've been married for a long time now Dave.

mrsix 16:05, reply


And she's not as fit as Sam

deep_stoat 16:32, reply


spank_daley 16:28, reply

I LOVE Pepsi and Shirley

spank_daley 15:29, reply

I HATE Call the Midwife

thatevilwoman 14:47, reply

I love Eddie Marsan.

deep_stoat 14:18, reply

i HATE idris elba

__________ 13:13, reply

Coren-Mitchell jack

Great looks and cool names?

soapy_handerton 21:59, reply

Filip was always going to score a maximum in the Kobaļan round.

hack_daniels 17:24, reply


neville_bartos 12:02, reply

philanderer 15:03, reply

spank_daley 15:39, reply

fo_shizzle 22:46, reply

deep_stoat 0:16, reply

mrsix 11:26, reply

pink_oboe 9:24, reply


qm 12:05, reply

Where's Martine McCutcheon when you need her?

halfmanhalfninja 15:57, reply

I love Eric Stoltz

curlywurly 21:10, reply

he looks like a ginger gene simmons

__________ 16:32, reply

I thought it was the Marquess of Bath

thatevilwoman 17:50, reply

Jesus on the left

was on University Challenge last year. The telly quiz show whore.

stan2a10shun 22:44, reply

I think the one in the middle was on Mastermind

7zark7 21:00, reply

Let the Virgin see the Slappers

Can someone email him the application form for Take Me Out?

soapy_handerton 23:10, reply

Ian Brown is giving evidence against Fred Talbot


not via @courtnewsuk either, which is a constant source of fun / grimness / gary glitter

pauly 13:18, reply

The most common response I've heard to this story is...

... Ian Brown went to a Grammar School?

7zark7 21:01, reply

"The Hardest Thing in the World"

pigcity 16:43, reply

I am the resur erection

neville_bartos 16:48, reply

I Am The Fred's Erection?

creatif 21:01, reply

I handled Fred's erection,

And I'm not alright.

thebestnameshavegone 23:03, reply

the second coming

(up some schoolboy's arse)

__________ 22:01, reply

he bangs the bums

car_snow_gin 23:14, reply


thebestnameshavegone 23:42, reply

Unfinished Spunky Business

soapy_handerton 0:16, reply

So Young...

plasticflamingo 5:34, reply

F.E.A R.

Fred's Educational Anal Rimming

whats_the_beef_chief 0:25, reply

Love the headline about how Fred was supposed to have encouraged pupils to masturbate.

Like anyone needs encouraging.

deep_stoat 17:52, reply


rogermoore 19:54, reply

thatevilwoman 10:53, reply

__________ 21:18, reply

deep_stoat 15:05, reply

spank_daley 17:05, reply

"It's a Trap!"

roger_mycock 21:08, reply

So THAT'S what Waterfall was all about.

deep_stoat 15:16, reply

And "Im going to chop your hands off"

Was a flashback?

soapy_handerton 16:38, reply

Not for ever and ever, then

Demis Roussos deaded.

dariusjedburgh 12:13, reply

Talking of cassocks/kaftans...

Holey Moley!

dawnsyndrome 19:43, reply

Vangelis next.

humphrey_plugg 12:42, reply

*Rick Wakeman cancels pro-am*

thatevilwoman 12:59, reply

Fingers crossed

Peter Gabriel goes into permanent hiding

whitemaninhammersmithpalais 13:48, reply

Poor Abigail will be in pieces...

agnetha 12:29, reply


Abigail wouldn't give a fuck.

mr_david 9:57, reply

Neither would Laurence,

"We don't want to listen to that fat Greek caterwauling all night".

auntie_betty 10:44, reply


I forgot to put Edgar Froese on this years Death Pool list. I had him on last years.

mister_groping 12:19, reply


edmor 12:19, reply

deep_stoat 12:27, reply

thatevilwoman 13:45, reply

I simply cannot WAIT for her next article.

Or Eva Wiseman's. Where do they find these amazing and insightful columnists who can dash off an opinionated article on any subject you give them?

deep_stoat 15:06, reply

I'm all about Jessica Valenti and

her nuanced world-view. She should have her own show*

*on Hustler XXX

thatevilwoman 15:08, reply

I'm all about sea bass

no mussels

spank_daley 9:20, reply

kippers for all!

thatevilwoman 10:38, reply

nice to see Paul Gambaccini and Limahl so happy after all these years and everything that's happened.

hack_daniels 21:41, reply

thatevilwoman 12:47, reply

.. how low can you go?

qm 12:04, reply

wear your hair high...

thatevilwoman 13:44, reply

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