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Tweeted the other day

whitemaninhammersmithpalais 9:55, reply

"I'll take that bet"

"OK, a fiver says this picture won't end up getting a bunch of sad mongs excitedly trying to come up with witty captions in years to come."

spank_daley 15:25, reply

"It's a pleasure to meet you, I'm a big fan"

said Savile when he first met The Yorkshire Ripper.

thegingerprince 10:34, reply

Glen Matlock

Stuck with that twat for over 20 years. I'm an idiot.

odd_ood 16:25, reply

I knew Steve Jones was on PB

deep_stoat 17:24, reply

Howay Big Boy!

mrsix 21:05, reply

How sexy is the divine Beth Ditto!

thatevilwoman 7:53, reply

Me: I'll have everything on the menu, twice

Beth: Ditto

soapy_handerton 11:30, reply

I hate David Cameron

spank_daley 10:53, reply

*mr_david poster causes board to crash*

deep_stoat 9:10, reply

Pffff silly

That's nothing to get excited about. Now if the camera could pan down a bit here...

mr_david 9:50, reply

A long time ago I was privy to see two Doctor Who's cock & balls

Jon Pertwee : Long slinky cock.

Pat Troughton : Big balls, stumpy penis.

fayekorgazm 16:38, reply

.....then we'd see

*** ****** *** ******* ***** ******!!

thebestnameshavegone 16:00, reply


I thought he preferred to have the ***** ******* without any lube?

rogermoore 17:24, reply

Amongst other ***********, apparently

sec 17:09, reply

I miss all the talk of superinjunctions.

It was like Guess Who? for cunts.

deep_stoat 12:53, reply

Except in the case of Gary Flicroft

which was more a game of Who?

spank_daley 12:59, reply

not even him having one of the worst half-shell, upturned skiff, fucking YTS plumber

haircuts ever could help in the recognition stakes

thatevilwoman 13:25, reply

I bet the cunt has a Google alert on his name

but connected to a Geocities email address

spank_daley 15:01, reply

Talking of knockers

spank_daley 16:06, reply

let's see

Hayley Atwell trampolining in that dress please

thatevilwoman 19:17, reply

I saw her in soho last week.

She'll be pleased to know she's a 'would'.

deep_stoat 16:25, reply

Are you

outing yourself out of spite?

gordonsalive 17:09, reply

Spite? Possibly, it ain't any positive emotion.

odd_ood 17:20, reply


gordonsalive 17:12, reply

Wow – a website exclusively devoted to making up stories based on the thinnest Glen Matlock trivia. Is it JUST him, or do other on-and-off members of top punk bands get a look in?

“In other news, Terry Chimes has run out of milk. Seen entering the Egham branch of Tesco Metro yesterday afternoon, the sometime Clash sticks-man smiled at passers-by, and shared a joke with someone he held the door for. According to one eye witness, he looked relaxed as walked from his car to the entrance of the store. “I suppose he could have bought some bread too, while he was in there. I didn’t wait to see him leave,” she added.

hack_daniels 16:14, reply

Let's be honest

It's a brilliant piece of clickbait tosh.

gordonsalive 9:55, reply

Dirty numbers

Hungarian for '14' - "tizennégy" sounds like "fuck the arse" in Arabic.

father_gadd 23:00, reply

Well, duh!

curlywurly 9:06, reply

A friend's relative is in the new Guy Ritchie / King Arthur film

The, Knights of the Roundtable: King Arthur, filming in Wales for the last six weeks: Djimon Hounsou - very nice bloke, Eric Bana - a bit instense, Jude Law - not in Wales.

whitemaninhammersmithpalais 16:01, reply

they're filming series 2 of The Tunnel at my wife's work

She's not seen any of it, but her hairdresser is a background artiste in it again. More news as it comes in.

pauly 13:06, reply

Give me your clothes, your boots, and a prosthetic bollock

I was out with a lady bodybuilder last night who says that old man Arnold Schwarzenegger is missing a testicle.

soapy_handerton 22:56, reply

My mate went our with his daughter for a bit.

Apart from thinking full-length furs were appropriate for the pub she was alright.

bathwithkirsty 12:48, reply

she was big into the fur, her? (fuhrer)

*runs to the front of the stage, skids on knees, and plays air guitar*

thatevilwoman 13:43, reply

"That size was under a Labour administration. Your bollock will be considerably bigger under a Conservative government."

majicman 8:19, reply

dawnsyndrome 15:44, reply

how did he ever pull Shakira?

thatevilwoman 14:40, reply


deep_stoat 15:37, reply

Ed's a winner in the Game of Life

thatevilwoman 14:01, reply

Cue the 'Lonely Ed' meme...

mrsix 22:03, reply

soon licking each other

like three kittens under a cow udder

thatevilwoman 15:49, reply

"When shall we three meet again"

pink_oboe 17:18, reply

watching Ed try to speak is like

watching that scene in Oldboy

thatevilwoman 8:53, reply

Sturgeon: "Just look at the dickhead."

Wood: "Utter chopper."

Bennett: "Um, *cough* um, ah, erm, *cough*"

stan2a10shun 8:36, reply

you know.. ED stands for Electoral Dysfunction.

mrsix 22:25, reply

Ed is actually a player... (for balance)

Nigel however is all alone on the right.

mrsix 9:01, reply

They're all forrins, innit? It's their fault. Everything.

stan2a10shun 18:51, reply

Re Mailout: B Gillespie DRIVES???

edmor 14:14, reply

I stole his umbrella once.

A couple of months later it was pouring with rain. I didn't mind because I had Bobby Gillespie's umbrella. I popped into HMV on Oxford st and there was a thoroughly drenched Mr G looking through the CDs, sheltering from the rain. That'll teach you to try and chat up my girlfriend 12 years ago, you wanker.

deep_stoat 14:36, reply

That was all perfectly believable until you mentioned having a girlfriend.

plasticflamingo 15:46, reply

It's heartening what a mother will do for her son.

plasticflamingo 17:58, reply

So in love with Vanishing Point

was the streak of piss that he bought an orange Dodge Challenger and left it parked around Primrose Hill for the majority of the late 90's and early 2000s. I think the roadie drove it. He didn't. He got my mate to do a painting of it - I think he paid him upfront - for the cover of what was to become the Xterminator album. Then, due to fearsome levels of Bayer's finest diamorphine-based cure all, forgot about it. Years later a semi-clean Bobby bumps into him outside the Landsdown. 'Have yer got that painting mate?' 'Nah, I lost it' my mate lied. It was actually hanging above my fireplace. Fuck him.

gordonsalive 15:17, reply

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