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Plan C...

Head over to Amazon to pick up that iTunes exclusive...

neville_bartos 15:45, reply

It's no Dungen.

hack_daniels 17:20, reply

Who needs this

When you've got Skinnyman's Council Estate of Mind?

soapy_handerton 21:33, reply

the 'buy an add' thing!

haha! been literally days since someone posted that

car_snow_gin 17:15, reply

Lighten up chuckles

mrs_ivy_trellis 17:26, reply

car_snow_gin 9:27, reply

It's too late

pink_oboe 8:49, reply

Teh nets are full of horror this morning

"You're the one for me fatty"

mrs_ivy_trellis 9:37, reply

The beast is dead.

Jon Fat Beast has died. If you ever played at the Bull and Gate (or went to see Carter) then you'll know who I mean. Shame, the music scene needed more people like him not less. Or is it fewer? I really don't care.

And yes, he did look a bit like Kuato in Total Recall.

deep_stoat 12:53, reply

Carter have set up

a collection so that he can have a decent send-off:

dariusjedburgh 12:01, reply

ah, crap. he was a nice guy.

__________ 9:12, reply

sad news

RIP you fat bastard

car_snow_gin 9:01, reply

If you can count them, it's fewer.

Fewer characters=less interest.

Fewer strokes=less irritation.

thebestnameshavegone 0:14, reply

I told you, I don't fucking care.

Apart from making a sentence ugly I've never seen a practical example where incorrect use leads to the wrong conclusion.

However, the Typeface / font argument is very much still alive in my world.

deep_stoat 8:27, reply

yes, but the incorrect conclusion argument legitimises the infer/imply brigade - because yes, of course we all know what they mean, even though they're wrong and lazy. And that woman who says Pacifically. And to all extents and purposes...

john_lewis_partnership 8:49, reply

tulisa trial thrown out...

and the fake sheik might be getting an unexpected moment of glory (in the form of a perjury trial) . oops.

neville_bartos 12:54, reply

CPS 1 - Tulisa 1

CPS score a scrappy equaliser:

whitemaninhammersmithpalais 14:07, reply

Separated at birth

mrs_ivy_trellis 17:09, reply

philanderer 17:13, reply

hack_daniels 14:04, reply

dawnsyndrome 9:12, reply

Bless you Caitlin!

The bukake queen of all our hearts.

oldgit 14:11, reply


thebestnameshavegone 0:24, reply

There's lovely !

Boy George used to employ a different method to disguise his double chin.

fayekorgazm 17:21, reply


__________ 14:39, reply

deep_stoat 10:00, reply

pink_oboe 11:37, reply

I hope Mazher Mahmood gets his day in court

I've had a couple of work dealings with him in the past and he's a rude, arrogant tosser of the highest order. (No, I'm not Tulisa)

agnetha 14:29, reply

I hope they kiss and make up

edmor 20:16, reply

thatevilwoman 8:18, reply

Kirk was 25 yo at the start of that kiss

pink_oboe 11:47, reply


dawnsyndrome 14:45, reply

I am Spartakiss! I am Spartakiss! I am Spartakiss!

edmor 10:29, reply

Tulisa to sue The Sun!

No, wait. Tulisa not to sue The Sun.

babycatboy 8:18, reply

It's hardly her first sloppy retraction

mount_st_nobody 10:57, reply

Problems with changed evidence? He's got form.

1988 Fired from The Sunday Times after being "caught trying to cover his mistakes by offering a financial bribe to the staff in the newspaper computer room to falsify his copy..."

mrs_ivy_trellis 15:06, reply

Were his lies

about the evidence that brought her to court, or was it his believability in general that was in question?

pink_oboe 8:10, reply

either way, there's certainly nothing unbelievable or unlikely about this:

"Mahmood got me and my team completely intoxicated and persuaded me to act the part of a bad, rough ghetto girl. They recorded this and produced this as evidence when I thought it was an audition."

car_snow_gin 11:35, reply


is the best way to approach any audition

pink_oboe 13:10, reply


edmor 14:59, reply

Barbara used to trawl through newspapers on a daily basis, and cut out articles about her

"For her museum". I can't imagine how she would handle the Internet if she were alive today.

fayekorgazm 15:43, reply

Ctrl+P ?

whitemaninhammersmithpalais 16:19, reply

And the PB staple

F5, F5, F5, F5, F5, F5zzzzzzz

pink_oboe 17:47, reply

Ain't that the truth

deep_stoat 13:12, reply

fuggin' right

car_snow_gin 14:41, reply

mrs_ivy_trellis 8:42, reply

pink_oboe 15:13, reply

deep_stoat 16:28, reply

Harvey's grown up quick

hasn't he?

stan2a10shun 23:39, reply

Yes, grazing on crisps has taken its toll seemingly.

*looks down*

hack_daniels 7:15, reply

Grazing on crisps has taken its toll

spank_daley 16:56, reply

mrs_ivy_trellis 17:04, reply

thatevilwoman 21:48, reply

curlywurly 11:32, reply

dawnsyndrome 13:55, reply

Hawkus is away.

mrs_ivy_trellis 21:55, reply


curlywurly 15:31, reply


never lived that down has he?

petsco 8:43, reply

Walk Like An OAPtian

thatevilwoman 15:38, reply

"Electric Chair"

humphrey_plugg 9:33, reply

v good

curlywurly 11:31, reply


mr_david 20:00, reply


dawnsyndrome 13:54, reply

And Stevie G

has retired to spend more time with his legal team.

cunt 21:37, reply

Elaine Stritch deaded

I've posted this before, but I think its worth a reprise: While filming LWT's "Two's Company" in the late 1970's she negotiated as part of her contract that LWT paid for a suite at the Dorchester for her time in London, with a white Rolls Royce as her transport. The parties she used to host were famous for the Martinis that were being served - a healthy shot of gin and a butler would wander through the guests spraying vermouth through an old style atomiser in the general direction of the glasses.

whitemaninhammersmithpalais 10:41, reply

Rockford Files closed for good

edmor 9:46, reply

ah... those were such simpler times

when Tabloid Journalists could merely stand in the vague vicinity of your static caravan to listen in to your answering machine messages.

mrsix 7:07, reply

Finally got them operated on?

downtownmanagua 10:39, reply

Why would she need a suite at The Dorchester

when she and her husband John 'Muffin May' Bay lived at the Savoy from 1973 to 1982?

plasticflamingo 7:44, reply

Stritch and Bay married a section of her solo show dealt with the happiness of this union and lived in London at the Savoy hotel. Spotting the opportunities of this sojourn, LWT, whose headquarters was within walking distance of the Savoy, cannily came up with Two's Company.

plasticflamingo 7:21, reply

the independent says one thing

The guardian says another. Only one way to solve the times.

petsco 12:00, reply

Chicago Tribune also says the Savoy in its obit

can the Sacramento Bee come up with a robust rebuttal?

celtiagirl 12:49, reply

I visited the bloody thing, and it was definitely in the Savoy. My Godmother was a friend of hers and used it whilst working in London.

plasticflamingo 17:30, reply


rogermoore 21:16, reply

But why have you posted a picture of your mother and your sister?

plasticflamingo 7:37, reply

Buy an ad Rupert you tight cunt

prefers_earlier_work 12:15, reply

Richard Griffiths threatened to smack her one

When they were filming that forgettable sitcom they did together. Richard Griffiths was constantly defending her erratic behaviour because she'd told him she was suffering from flu and was on antibiotics. His sympathy ended abruptly when the annoyed channel bosses entered her dressing room to find her passed out, surrounded by empty bottles. Griffiths then told her to sober up, which earned him a torrent of vile abuse, so he warned her that where he came from, the men smacked women about for that kind of talk. She was so taken aback that she shut up and started behaving herself.

mercyme 17:08, reply

She probably just abruptly sobered up when she smelled the fat shit...

Besides, it's Elaine Stritch: Crabby Bitch.

dawnsyndrome 8:47, reply

To be fair, he could act.

But alas he couldn't walk upstairs in his rather grand house. He missed his brother. So continued eating.

fayekorgazm 16:50, reply

Poor the Richard Griffiths

dawnsyndrome 9:50, reply

Hijack: Evening Standard pronounces death to the West, supports Sharia law

Original link has been taken down, but Reddit have got a screengrab: www.reddit ... orruption/

mount_st_nobody 11:19, reply

We all think that...

... but how come there's never anyone to spill the beans? Surely he can't have paid off everyone he's bummed.

7zark7 20:07, reply

Papers don't out people any more

...and when they did, Max Clifford was always on hand with a friendly "print that and you'll never work in this town again".

thebestnameshavegone 15:23, reply


dawnsyndrome 17:54, reply

in other news, Linbergh baby still missing.

deep_stoat 11:49, reply

Typical, one Jew baby and we're all up in arms.

What about all the missing Philistine babies? WHY DON'T CMM AND THE BFG CARE ABOUT THEM AS MUCH?

spank_daley 15:52, reply

Did you check the MH17 crash site?

mount_st_nobody 12:24, reply

Johnny Winter Dead

plasticflamingo 12:36, reply

For no reason whatsoever other than that I am a Gene Vincent fan but didn't know thsi fun fact:

"In 1968 in a hotel in Germany, Gene Vincent tried to shoot Gary Glitter ; he fired several shots and missed and a frightened Glitter left the country the next day."

edmor 19:57, reply

I'll be no more

edmor 13:58, reply

he had such awful hair

__________ 13:31, reply

Which cues me nicely

Bob Geldof, in a lurid striped yellow suit, Sloane square earlier this evening.

rogermoore 21:39, reply

Siralansugar, opening a door by himself while talking on the phone so he didn't have to talk to anyone else

on wardour street. Nice brown suit, though, alan.

deep_stoat 10:21, reply

it remains unclear

whether he went on to swallow a selection of increasingly large creatures, each with a view to swallowing its unfortunate predecessor.

__________ 15:37, reply

He has chola eyebrows.

mr_david 13:08, reply

He's been taking tips...

7zark7 20:10, reply

...and more chins than a Chinese phone book.

mrsix 13:19, reply

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