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upside of the Calais crisis

All the border staff are 100% focussed on the migrants right now, so if you wanted to bring back flickknifes and porno playing cards, now's your chance.

Someone rode their pushbike off the white cliffs last week and it didn't even make the local news, because everyone's only thinking about operation stack.

In other news from the region they're filming a Most Haunted at the recently reopened Fan Bay deep shelter on the cliffs soon, the shameless bastards.

pauly 14:10, reply

Ah yes - flick knives and porno playing cards... *Proustian rush*

Conversely, it's popularly believed in Canterbury that Fart Spray and Silly String are completely unavailable in La Belle France, such is the mania for these items amongst juvenile Gallic day-trippers.

hack_daniels 15:50, reply


you misspelled "flickknifes"

pauly 21:26, reply

Morrissey's in the news

That's always worth a link: sexually assaulted at an airport

pauly 11:42, reply

Glove in hand

fayekorgazm 11:51, reply

(touching morrissey's) meat is murder.

thegingerprince 11:58, reply

the hand that cradles the rocks

pauly 13:18, reply

Don't make fun of Daddy's arse

prefers_earlier_work 13:53, reply

Every Day is touch bum day.

hack_daniels 15:51, reply

almost every smiths and morrissey title is better than that, without being edited

still (ill), well done you

pauly 21:24, reply

Re: Mailout and Paul Mason staying in 5 Star hotels

...another man of the people and rock star of morality who likes nice hotels and non-economy flights is Michael Sandel.

7zark7 6:05, reply

Also Ken Loach

contemplating the class struggles in his scottish films from the Glasgow Hilton.

celtiagirl 11:10, reply

i'm surprised the japs can maintain an erection long enough

i mean, the figurine isn't even being violently gang-raped or violated by a tree that's come alive.

__________ 15:15, reply

deep_stoat 15:18, reply

mongus_maximus 14:22, reply

And he's OFF!!....

mrsix 16:36, reply

hack_daniels 15:09, reply

"you're fired!"

(in the crematorium next week)

__________ 19:58, reply

Stuart Baggs, body bags.

mister_groping 15:43, reply

First him

then a whole field of ponies...

gravelly_hills_cop 14:36, reply

Business is the new rock and roll and all that...

But how the hell was he 27?

soapy_handerton 15:58, reply

It's what he would have wanted.

deep_stoat 13:19, reply

97? That's a good innings.

Mind you, by that age you'd think he would have got around to spelling his surname properly.

roger_mycock 7:01, reply

Going off more like...

mister_groping 17:40, reply

Earlier, in a hospice gardens

rogermoore 17:27, reply


Just reading how Charlize dumped Sean Penn - by 'ghosting' him - but left out is why...

Because at their last public outing together at a ball in Austria, Sean was so drunk that he couldn't speak, or stand.

He already looks pretty worse for wear from photos taken earlier in the night (apols for link to the Mail) [url]www.dailym ... -Ball.html

silencer 16:33, reply

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