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Everybody loves Hasselhoff. Tell us when you see him. Buy him some elk and take your photo with him.

Mon 30 Aug 2004

28th aug I'm afraid we may have some confusion here. What Americans call elk (cervus elaphus), Europeans call red deer. What Europeans call elk (alces alces), Americans call moose. To make a long story short, David Hasselhoff was looking for a red deer steak, not an elk steak. Please inform Rules and the other game restaurants in London so that David can have his steak the next time he dines out. sundodger

Mon 30 Aug 2004

25th Aug David and his family at London Dungeons

Mon 30 Aug 2004

20th Aug eating a sandwich in garrick st

Mon 30 Aug 2004

13th Aug OH MY GOD! he mowed me over at lunch time in covent garden. he picked up my bag and everything. jealous? you damn well should be!  VS

Mon 6 Sep 2004

12th August I saw 'The Hoff' at a very nice restaurant in Covent Garden - 'J Sheeky', he was with his wife and daughters and im guessing his daughters friends. dressed in a blue shirt, blue blazer, stone wassh jeans and glasses. cant believe how tall he is and better looking. in his bill he left a ripped out picture of himself in a cheesy pose and gave the maitre d' his signature. it was my best friends birthday and the maitre d' gave her the picture and his signature which is now framed! absolute legend! i managed to keep cool when i saw him but alot of the people in the restaurant were very awe-struck! a rendition of the nightrider theme tune started as he walked out the door! long live the hoff - god bless him! romperstomper1983

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