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Porn week: What is your favourite sex scene in a mainstream film?

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When Dean Jones inserts his erect penis into Herbie's exhaust pipe in Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo.

muttleee Wed 20 Jan 9:49, (Answer / reply)

diane lane and olivier martinez in unfaithful, on the landing outside his apartment after a row - also qualifies as best use of an occasional table in the movies

squireofknottyash Wed 20 Jan 9:33, (Answer / reply)

First three minutes of Betty Blue. Then turn off, you're not missing much.

opus Wed 20 Jan 2:49, (Answer / reply)

The Subway Scene in Base Moi, and Straw Dogs like I said the other day.

whitemaninhammersmithpalais Wed 20 Jan 10:01, (Answer / reply)

Starts a fire in the loins and an ache in the heart.

morning_star Wed 20 Jan 11:04, (Answer / reply)

"Are you ready for me ... Ralph?"

jesusandmaryjane Wed 20 Jan 11:03, (Answer / reply)

Alec Baldwin going at it like a train in Malice

7zark7 Wed 20 Jan 10:07, (Answer / reply)

Halle Berry & Billy Bob in Monsters Ball, back of the net!

whats_the_beef_chief Wed 20 Jan 7:38, (Answer / reply)

The kitchen table scene in The postman only knocks twice

handrearedboy Wed 20 Jan 11:38, (Answer / reply)

Christian Slater and Valentina Vargas in The Name Of The Rose.

arch_stanton Wed 20 Jan 10:03, (Answer / reply)

Brad and Geena in Thelma and Louise (that's not a foursome, unfortunately)

raskol Wed 20 Jan 11:00, (Answer / reply)

Well as this is basically the same QOTD as Monday, I'm sticking with Jenny Agutter getting nice & soapy in the shower in An American Werewolf In London.

roger_mycock Wed 20 Jan 6:52, (Answer / reply)

What both dawnsyndrome and arseface said. I prefer the unrated American version of Team America, which has added pissing & scat scenes:

mr_david Wed 20 Jan 13:48, (Answer / reply)

Susan Sarandon and James Spader in White Palace. Or Dressed To Kill, the scene in the taxi.

hoskas Wed 20 Jan 11:02, (Answer / reply)

Dawn Davenport in Female Trouble getting fucked on a filthy mattress on Christmas Day by the actor playing herself - GYAC THEY USE A BODY DOUBLE. as he's pounding away she nicks his wallet.

thegingerprince Wed 20 Jan 9:34, (Answer / reply)

If only the sex was as good as the foreplay

as usual.

deep_stoat Wed 20 Jan 17:30, (Answer / reply)
dawnsyndrome Wed 20 Jan 11:31, (Answer / reply)

Either: The Idiots (the film is crap but the dirty bits are quite dirty)

or Last Tango in Paris (likewise but there is the butter novelty factor)

or bits of Boogie Nights (the Heather Graham bits)

stan_ogdens_nutgone_flake Wed 20 Jan 6:45, (Answer / reply)

Denise from the Cosby show getting nailed hard whilst blood pours from the ceiling? Fuck yes. Knocked many a one one to that bitd.

spank_daley Wed 20 Jan 9:50, (Answer / reply)

The Lion King.

curlywurly Wed 20 Jan 11:03, (Answer / reply)

ˇJamón Jamón! the bits with javier bardem and pen cruz. actually all of it is just one big sex montage.

doa_kebab Wed 20 Jan 12:07, (Answer / reply)

Any of the ones from 'Fast Times at Ridgemont High'. Did I mention Phoebe Cates is in it?

Either that or Deliverance.

honk Wed 20 Jan 10:48, (Answer / reply)

a sickly depraved scene involving a dalmatian, a midget, two tubes of lube and some poor mongoloid lass. then again, as i grew up in amsterdam my idea of "mainstream" cinema is slightly skew-whiff i fear

sgtpeppersstoneyhardcoreband Wed 20 Jan 9:36, (Answer / reply)

Gina Gershon and Jennifer Tilly getting all lesbionic in Bound.

mrs_ivy_trellis Wed 20 Jan 12:25, (Answer / reply)

straw dogs. susan george, up the arse, cornwall 1971.

__________ Wed 20 Jan 8:53, (Answer / reply)

The chopped up worms dropped on Charlotte Alexander's cunt in "A real yong girl" are still fresh in the memory. Or Sirpa Lane's twenty minute pursuit by the eponymous beast in Walerian Borowczyk's "The Beast" is great too, especially the Scarpetti sound-track. But honourable mentions to Performance and Dont look back as well.

bolusofwankers Wed 20 Jan 14:34, (Answer / reply)

Anything from Animal Farm.

grimly_fiendish Wed 20 Jan 11:17, (Answer / reply)

arseface Wed 20 Jan 10:13, (Answer / reply)

The rape scene in "Home Alone".

crack_pot_pipe Wed 20 Jan 11:07, (Answer / reply)

It's #Brexit week - if UK is going to allow EU nationals to stay, which celebs should we give them in return other than Piers Morgan?

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