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It's #Brexit week - if UK is going to allow EU nationals to stay, which celebs should we give them in return other than Piers Morgan?

11 replies
popbitch 12:00, reply

All of them, we need to start again

pink_oboe 9:13, reply

The cast of 'Allo 'Allo.

deep_stoat 8:32, reply

The "Parking Master" himself James Cordon.

blessed_brian 9:16, reply

Tony Robinson. He seems like a nice enough man but fuck him.

kitkat 0:12, reply

The exhumed remains of Cilla Black.

bodneyrewes 15:39, reply

your mum.

fascifuckinating 13:14, reply


sec 8:54, reply

Hopkins and Mensch

stan2a10shun 23:04, reply

The ones born on odd numbered days

curlywurly 12:07, reply

I'm sure Katie Hopkins, Richard Littlejohn and John Gaunt would be very safe and well looked after by the locals in E Europe.

mike_hunt 8:47, reply

Any of the Muslim ones

7zark7 21:21, reply